TEAM BLOG: Gamerse Roadmap Updates!

4 min readOct 19, 2022


Gamerse will unify the fragmented Gamefi space by connecting NFT games with gamers in a single social hub. Today, we share are excited to share Gamerse’s updated roadmap that will bring this vision to life. Today, we are excited to share our roadmap and estimation of our future plans to become one of the biggest NFT web3 Gaming ecosystems in the space.

The Gamerse team took full advantage of the uncertain market conditions by focusing Q3 of 2022 on building our tech department and growing our NFT Social Aggregator Marketplace (NFT SAM) ecosystem. Now, we have bolstered our team through the on-boarding of a new Blockchain Team Lead, full stack dev and a highly experienced back-end dev. Additionally, we have finalised a key infrastructure partnership with a renowned web3 provider that we will be announcing soon. Development on our NFT SAM alpha is well underway with a clear aim of building an innovative product that surpasses current market standards and provides a scalable solution for the future. We have also been building the platform’s ecosystem through Gamefi partnerships and integrations. We have acquired a total of over 70 Web 3 gaming partnerships and integrated almost half of these into Gamerse’s SAM. Q3 also saw Gamerse meet a key milestone of our roadmap with upLink supported fiat on-ramp integration on our website and upcoming NFT SAM.

The new Gamerse roadmap outlines a number of key targets to be met for Q4 2022. A standout of which will be the NFT SAM Main net launch, our team will be releasing previews and demos of the various platform features as development progresses so stay tuned for those! We will be taking our SAM to the next level through our AR/VR partnerships with integrations scheduled for 2023. Our community can also get hyped for our Merch Drop and Gamerse Anime NFT collection - use-cases and perks of holding these NFTs will be shared in due time! With our $LFG token on fire🔥, our community will also be delighted to learn that we will be relaunching our Single Asset LFG staking pools in Q4.

2023 will be a huge year for Gamerse with a highlight of Q1 being the launch of GamerPad, our decentralised IGO platform. GamerPad will be the first social launchpad for NFT Gamers and a core element of the wider Gamerse ecosystem. The $LFG token is also scheduled to be listed in an additional top tier centralised exchange and our team will begin the implementation of further token bridges. Additionally, the first version of the $LFG DAO protocol is set to go live in 2023. With the fundamentals of the Gamerse ecosystem in place, our team will begin to implement the mainstream marketing of our project and begin our APAC press tour!

We appreciate your dedicated support of the project and our team will continue to work tirelessly to see our collective vision become a reality!

About Gamerse

GAMΞRSΞ is a web3 Gaming and Metaverse social media. Our community-driven social hub aims to unify the fragmented NFT gaming space through our cross-chain, cross-domain and cross-verse solutions.

We are the first-ever social ecosystem dedicated to connecting the web3 gaming space. Gamers will be able to explore aggregated NFT games, participate in INO/IGOs, trade in-game NFT assets and create social profiles, all in a single social marketplace.

GAMΞRSΞ unites gamers in a fun social platform constantly adapting to the newest and most viral trends, while also benefiting creators and gamers alike through its pioneering share-to-earn model.

As the first LFG (Looking For Gamers) platform dedicated to NFT gaming and metaverses, Gamerse will be around for gamers of all shades and hues, no matter which title holds the number 1 spot.

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