Gamerse X Taunt Battleworld Partnership!

3 min readFeb 28, 2022


🤝 Gamerse thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Taunt!

Our mission at Gamerse is to unify the fragmented NFT gaming space by creating a wider community-driven social ecosystem and our partnership with Taunt Battleworld brings us one step closer!

​​Taunt Battleworld is backed by the largest Crypto native VC’s in the world including Polygon Studios, Genblock Capital, Shima Capital, and AU21. Their first NFT drop is slated for 3/5/22. The Genesis Skull Pass will give you rights to a Taunt Battleworld Genesis Acolyte Warrior and many other perks. Only 2,500 Genesis Skull Passes will ever exist and they will generate the most long-term value of any Skull Pass ever created.

The Genesis Skull Pass will include:

• One Randomly-Generated Genesis Acolyte Warrior

• Entry Into Exclusive Genesis Skull Pass-only Blood Money Brawls

• Multipliers On Engage-To-Earn

• Special Whitelist Access For Certain Blood Temple Sales and Exclusive Fighter Drops

• Priority Access To Exclusive Taunt Battleworld Merchandise

• Special Access to “Valhalla” Channel on Discord

Our communities will have a lot to look forward to, so stay tuned! But to start, below are some highlights:

  • We are thrilled to welcome Taunt Battleworld into our Social Aggregator Marketplace due to go live March 2022. Taunt will enjoy their own verified gaming page (see below) which will list all Taunt NFTs for sale. Users will be able to visit the Taunt gaming page to purchase and trade NFTs and socialize.
  • Collaboration on NFT airdrop campaigns!
  • Cross community AMAs
  • Upon our MVP launch Taunt Battleworld will enjoy an official and verified “looking for groups” gaming page on our platform. Gamers will be able to join this group to trade, socialize and connect with other Taunt Battleworld gamers. This official Taunt Battleworld group will enjoy exposure to the larger gaming community to draw in more gamers!
  • Our pioneering share-to-earn model will create an engaging social dynamic allowing users to earn from sharing content while incentivising Taunt Battleworld to share exclusive drops.

We’re looking forward to working closely with Jeff and the talented Taunt Battleworld team to create awesome opportunities for both of our communities 🚀

💬 “We are ecstatic to be partnering with Gamerse. By uniting our two communities we are bringing our long-term vision of play to earn to one of the most innovative NFT gaming platforms in the world. In addition, the rabid community of Gamerse will help us define the future of Taunt Battleworld while remaining authentic to core gamers.” — Jeff Liboon CEO, Turnt Gaming

About Taunt Battleworld

Taunt Battleworld is a fighting game simulator launched from the minds of veterans from Amazon, EA, and Unity. Set in an apocalyptic world, the old Gods have turned Earth into their own personal playground called Battleworld. 25,000 Acolyte Warriors wage battle against each other in a bloody bid to inherit the planet. Some seek the path to survival, others seek glory, and in the twisted darkness there are those who seek chaos. Just as important as winning fights is how fights are won. Good Luck Warrior.

Learn more about Taunt Battleworld:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Instagram

About Gamerse
Gamerse is unifying the fragmented NFT gaming community through its cross-chain, cross-domain and cross-verse solutions to create the first-ever NFT gaming social ecosystem. Gamers will be able to explore popular NFT games, receive exclusive drops and trade in-game NFT assets from skins to land and collectibles, all aggregated in a single social marketplace.

Gamerse unites gamers in a single, fun social platform, constantly adapting to the newest and most viral trends while benefiting creators and gamers alike through its pioneering share-to-earn model.

As the first LFG (Looking For Groups) platform dedicated to NFT gaming and metaverses, Gamerse will be around for gamers of all shades and hues, no matter which title holds the number 1 spot.

Learn more about Gamerse:

Website | Twitter | Telegram Announcement | Telegram Group | Discord | Medium | LinkedIn




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