Gamerse X StarHeroes AMA Recap!

We hosted an insightful AMA the StarHeroes team on Wednesday 10th August. Check out the full transcript below for those who missed out!

We look forward to our collaboration and creating exciting opportunities for our Gamers!

Mush, Gamerse Community VP

Micha Wojitas, StarHeroes Growth Leader (Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes)
Jakub Skura StarHeroes BD (StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes)

> Mush:
The AMA with Star Heores will be starting shortly. The chat will remain muted for the time being!

> Mush:
Hello Gamerse community👾

Wish you all are having a wonderful day and welcome to todays AMA session with Star Heroes, a top quality dynamic space shooter that combines fast-action spaceship combat, an amazing galactic adventure and NFTs 🤩

> Mush:
Today we have two really special guest with us and I would like to welcome @starwojti, SH Growth Leader and @kubasku, Jakub Skura, SH Business Developer 🙌💥

> Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes:
Hey everyone, pleasure to have you here!

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:
GM ppl, I was waiting for this AMA too long🚀

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:

> Mush:
Its an honor to have you guys here with us! Can’t wait to kick off the session!💥

> Mush:
Before we start, I would like to tell about the rules for the AMA. So there will be 2 segment of todays AMA, the first one will be of introductory questions and at the second one, the guest will be picking 3 best questions from Twitter and answering them!

Lets rock n roll!
So the first question is -

Could you please introduce Star Heores and whats it all about in brief ?

> Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes:
So StarHeroes is a top-quality third-person space shooter (TPS) which combines the best features of games like Everspace, Fortnite or CS. It offers two options: Free-2-Play and Play-and-Earn.

We wanted to provide the player with dynamic multiplayer spaceship combat.

In the game, you take on the role of a spaceship pilot — Star Hero — who, along with his team, competes against other players in one of two modes: Adventure Mode or Ranked Mode. Both modes are skill-based and free to play.

We believed sustainable economy needs to be based on the fun arising from playing a game rather than playing to earn.

> Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes:
There are obviously NFTs in the game :)
There are two main categories of them: StarHeroes and land-based NFTs.
As we said, anyone can play StarHeroes. However, in order to play-and-Earn — you have to own a StarHero :)

That’d be it for starters!

> Mush:
Thats sounds amazing! This is the first time I am seeing a P2E game with such creative features! 🔥

So this relates to our next questions which is -

What makes Star Heroes unique from existing P2E games ?

> Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes:
So first of all its the premium gaming experience unknown to current blockchain games.

Just check-out our gameplay:

With my personal commentary btw :D

So we’ve really focused on the player — that’s why we introduced both ‘Free-to-Play’ and ‘Play-and-Earn’ models

Next BIG thing — instead of two tokens, we have a single token model with a deflationary system ensured
by periodic halvings (Bitcoin-inspired)

Finally, what I like the most — the liquid investment model meaning that as an investor, you can sell your land-based NFTs (Planets/ Star Systems) together with all the remaining unvested tokens 😏

> Mush:
This one is amazing ! Most of the current P2E games are rapidly developed and as a result the game quality is not up to that level. But Star Heores definitely seems to be miles ahead with its elite game quality 💥

> Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes:
Yeah, actually it’s been under development for around 2,5 years now

And these are some top devs working on it

> Mush:
Exactly! Barrier to entry doesnt let most of the users even to try out the game so that definitely is a nice implementation!

And I really liked the liquid investment model idea ! It might be a great addition the the space 👀

> Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes:
They worked previously on The Witcher series and Cyberpunk

> Mush:
That sums it up ! No wonder the game quality is top notch ! And with people like you and @StarWojti at the lead, its going to be great success indeed!

Moving to our next question -

What is the progression of the project? What are the next step?

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:
I will take it

> Mush:
Sure! 🙌

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:
First of all I have to mention that for StarHeroes work over 40 ppl full time, basing around the work. And with such experience ppl progression in the game we can see every day.

Rn we are polishing the game we have closed alpha with over 60 testers. We are testing various modes in our game to fit the best and make it ehe best competitive game on blockchain — this is the reason why we are testing battle royal, 5vs5, team vs team, deathmatch etc

So the next steps are: community building, partnerships with gaming community, gaming guilds, ambassadors, launch NFT collection, launch game public

> Mush:
Couldn’t be said better! Maintenance, community building and heavy development on the background! Looks like Start Heores are not messing around 😏🔥

Lets move to the last question of the first segment.

What kinds of NFTs are there in Star Heroes?

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:
StarHeroes gameplay has a large variety of non-fungible tokens. The main ones are:
• land-based NFTs (Planets and Star Systems) and
• StarHeroes NFTs.

All NFTs available in the game have unique features and utilities.
In addition to in-game utilities, a land-based NFT staker gains the base emissions of $STAR token, meaning they gain elite access at a presale price.

There will be only 1020 land-based NFTs: 20 Star Systems and 1000 Planets (300 Large Planets and 700 Small Planets).

The NFT stakers are entitled to $STAR token emissions which can be boosted by upgrading their land. In addition, each Planet / Star System will collect landlord fees charged upon the players who inhabit it.

StarHeroes NFTs are the only must-have NFTs for players to earn $STAR Token. When used in combination with StarShips, depending on the level and battle performance, they accrue the ‘Proof of Play’ rewards (Adventure mode).
The more experienced the StarHero is, the greater the earnings are.

> Mush:
That’s really amazing ! Really good utilities for the NFTs as well!

Lets move forward to the second segment of todays session if you are ready !

Shall we start ? 🙌

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:
let’s do it

> Mush:
The first question is from @miromoly90

Partnerships and collaborations are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Could you please tell us about the “your” current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:
So rn we are focused on building awareness about Gamefi and StarHeores. Recently we hosted 4 AMAs on Twitter or discord. We are pushing a lot of educational content cuz our game will be a bridge between traditional gamers and the gamefi industry. In order to do this, we implement a free-to-play mode in StarHeores.

During yesterday’s spaces hosted by us our CEO, Maciej said that we are talking with Avocado DAO about a potential partnership. But what is more important we already have Playnity as our strategic partner.

So rn our main goal is making partnerships with gaming communities and gaming guilds to bring more avaearners and more players to our community. If you have any suggestions feel free to DM me on tg.

> Mush:
Moving forward to the next question from twitter. It is from @Bunny185940981

Will you have team play or are you going to focus more on individual play?

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:
As I mentioned before, we are developing the game to make it the best and the most competitive game on the blockchain. We are testing all the modes how we can set the game and we will bit the most suitable for gameplay quality. We will be open for e-sport so this is also the reason why we are testing 5v5, modes with objectives.

so we have plenty of options and we will pick the best modes for gamers.

> Mush:
Awesome! I am personally looking forward to the e-sports mode 👀

Lets move to the last question of todays AMA session. It is from @Maialen_Fdez

Can you tell us more about how Star Heroes came about and where the inspiration for the project came from?

> StarWojti 🎮 StarHeroes:
StarHeroes is a collaborative effort of world tycoons from the gaming and web3 industries. The game was developed
by elite developers previously involved in such to productions as The Witcher Series and Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red.

They had already been working on the game for 2 years when, in December 2021, the StarTerra team approached them with a proposal to set it in the web3 world. This is how StarHeroes was born — out of the belief that blockchain deserves quality games.

The blockchain team, which includes the creators of protocols such as StarTerra, LayerZero, Stargate, and Terra Station Wallet, is currently working on integrating the StarHeroes game into web3.

> Mush:
A perfect team combo to take the game forward to a whole new level!💥

So that marks the end of todays AMA session! I learnt so many amazing things today about Star Heores and eager to learn more. It was an honor to have you both as our guest today😊❤️

Hope everyone in the community enjoyed it as well. Feel free to share any future updates with us 🤩

> Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes:
Thanks a lot guys, that was a pleasure!

> Mush:
Likewise! Feel free to jump in anytime here and share updates with our community😊

> Kuba Sku 🎮 StarHeroes:
Hope you’re stoked about StarHeroes like we are !!

> Mush:
100% 💪🔥

> Mush:
The AMA ends here. The winners of the AMA please contact us at our Twitter. The chat will now be unmuted!



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