Gamerse X Shatterpoint AMA Recap!

On Wednesday 27th July Gamerse hosted an AMA with Benas Baltramiejunas, Co-founder and CEO of Block Games to talk everything Shatterpoint! We look forward to our collaboration and creating exciting opportunities for our Gamers!

Congratulation to our AMA winners
@Maialen_Fdez 1st place = Shatterpoint NFT Hero Gift Card + $30
@VSezinV 2nd place = $20

Grab a snack and enjoy the great AMA below!

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

Hello Gamerse community👾

Wish you all are having a wonderful day and welcome to todays AMA session with Shatterpoint, the first skill-based, F2P, action RPG game for mobile 🤩

Today we have a really special guest with us and I would like to welcome Benas Baltramiejunas, Co-founder and CEO at Block Games @benasbal 🙌💥

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:

Hey everyone! 🙏

Excited to be attending this AMA session today with the Gamerse community, to represent BlockGames — a studio behind the Shatterpoint game!

Short intro about us

BlockGames is a next-generation game development and publishing studio, with a mission to bring mass adoption of blockchain technology through sustainable player-owned mobile games. Another important name behind the Shatterpoint game is Estoty — one of the founding partners of BlockGames, and an international mobile game studio with over 200 million active players, 50+ games, and more than 1.5 billion downloads worldwide.

Game web —

Studio web —

Gameplay teaser —

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

Thank you for joining todays AMA session! Its a pleasure to have you here ! ❤️

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:

Likewise! Excited to be here today @Mush_247 !

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

We can already understand from the short intro that Block Games and Estoty is not here to mess around and is going to drive massive GameFi adoption through making top tier games like Shatterpoint! 🔥

Before we start, I would like to tell about the rules for the AMA to the community again. So there will be 2 segment of todays AMA, the first one will be of introductory questions and at the second one, the guest will be picking 3 best questions from Twitter and answering them!

@benasbal So lets get started ?

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:

Let’s get going!

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

So the first question of today is -

You talk about Play and Own concept in Shatterpoint . Could you please tell us more about it?

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:


So Shatterpoint is a F2P, skill-based Action RPG multiplayer mobile game built on the Polygon blockchain with NFTs integrated as part of the gameplay.

Players battle in a Player vs Environment (PvE) campaign to gain Abilities, Experience, and the Equipment needed to take on the challenge of Player vs Player (PvP), the combat mode where in-game Tokens, rewards, and leaderboard domination are at stake.

Current landscape of blockchain games is based mainly on the Play2earn concept, where tokens are integrated directly into the players core loop, which in majority of cases lead to the value extraction from the economy as well as inflationary risks in the long term.

While unlike majority, we’re building a game with a Play&Own concept, where players are having fun at the core of the gameplay and based on skill — are competing over limited amount of NFT rewards which are distributed during the gameplay.

We’re engineering this concept, to create a sustainable game economy fueled by a strong player core loop, where NFT integration in the game wouldn’t create any pay2win mechanics as well as be attractive towards traditional gamers community.

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

This sounds so amazing! I really liked the idea of player driven economy which will eventually make the gameconomics much more long lasting! Shatter point might start a new concept in terms of in game economics it seems👀

Lets proceed to the next question -

What makes Shatterpoint game economy sustainable? What are you doing different from other web3 games?

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:
That’s the goal!

We want to create a sustainable long lasting blockchain game, where fun would prioritized over earnings. While earnings would be distributed to the most active player base, competing over NFT assets distributed through limited seasonal achievements.

Regarding the sustainable game economy, as aformentioned in my previous answer — we’re working to integrate NFTs in the game design in such a way, that we would not create any pay2win mechanics.

Our NFT assets in the game will accrue value over time, when players will be playing with them. This way leading to the value build up as well as rarity evolving over time, after players invested time playing with them.

In addition, Shatterpoint is a seasonal game which will have in-game abilities changing from one season to another. Another group of NFT assets like Runes (which are boosting abilities) will need to be crafted by players and merged, leading to a player-driven economy.

Combination of NFT earnings in the game and seasonal rebalancing and crafting mechanics, will result in a sustainable long-term economy.

Though most importantly, focusing on the fun part first and economy part second!

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

Absolutely correct!

Most of the games focus too much on the earning side that they forget about the fun part from the players point of view!

Its great to see Shatterpoint bringing all the necessary elements into their game! 💥

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

Moving on to the last question of the introductory segement-

How are you planning to grow the community of Shatterpoint?

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:

Great question!

Until now, we’ve been only focused towards the blockchain community, by doing AMAs (such as this one), partnered giveaways as well as preparing to launch our ambassador program!

We’ve surprassed over 1k applications from our community to participate in the brand ambassador program, who will be supporting us in exchange for various rewards (token airdrop, NFTs & whitelist positions).

We still have open applicaitons, hence those interested — could find more information here ->

While, once we get the game published on AppStore & GooglePlay around November — we will start targeting heavily traditional gamers community. We’ve some known influencer partnerships underway as well as are preparing to advertise heavily through traditional mobile game channels.

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

Thats some really good measures to take to build up the community! AMAs and partnered giveaways are great ways to drive traffic and introduce the project to new users .

And the ambassador program is another great way as well! We will also share the link you gave to our community every now and then so if they are interested they can give a shot too!

The introductory segment has ended. Now we will be moving over to the community questions.

So the first question is from @Maialen_Fdez

Will it be possible to obtain special NFTs that are later essential during the game to play?

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:

Yes it is possible. We have already a Hero NFT gift card collection listed on the OpenSea at the moment —

These are playable Hero NFT avatars, which once the game launches — will be distributed in limited quantities per achievements over each season.

The unique benefit is that Hero NFT doesn’t reset at the end of the season from the level perspective, retaining all of the unlocked traits (rarirty) and buffs it has earned while pregressed. Meaning each Hero NFT will be unique once it has reached the maximum level.

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

Thats amazing! The mechanism that it doesnt get reset at season end is actually a very cool idea! 💥

The last question from todays AMA is from @VSezinV

What about the early adopters, How will you ensure they get a chance in your upcoming your ?

I guess she wanted to ask if theres any incentives for early comers at Shatterpoint

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:

Yes — it will!

We will be releasing a one of a kind Founder Hero NFT collection! This collection will be capped at limited quantity and will cary manay benefits & perks to reward our early community supporters.

Some of the benfits will be like guaranteed access to the Closed Alpha, unique look, better chance of unique in-game traits, NFT & Token airdrops and many more..

Stay tuned for more info at our Discord ->!

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

Looks like some good things are awaiting for the early adopters👀👀

Its always a great thing to care for them 💥

So that marks the end of todays AMA session! I learnt so many amazing things today about Shatterpoint and eager to learn more. It was an honor to have you as our guest today😊❤️

Hope everyone in the community enjoyed it as well. Feel free to share any future updates with us 🤩

Benas, Shatterpoint co-founder/CEO:

Thanks for having me today! 🙏

Please check us out and join our community through below links!

Game web —

Studio web —

Gameplay teaser —

To join Discord —!

Mush, Gamerse Community VP:

We will definitely keep re-sharing these to our community so they can find it ! Thank you again !

The AMA concludes here. The winners of the AMA please text us at our Twitter



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