Gamerse X DeHorizon Partnership!

🤝 Gamerse is excited to announce a partnership with DeHorizon

Our mission at Gamerse is to unify the fragmented NFT gaming space by creating an accessible community driven one-stop-shop for all your Gamefi needs — Social, Trade and Play. Our parternship with DeHorizon brings us one step closer!

DeHorizon is a prospective metaverse game ecosystem led by a group of gaming veterans who previously held roles at Riot, Dungeons & Dragons, and Blizzard, as well as web3 experts who have years of experience in the fintech and blockchain industries. Three blockhain-based games are announced to make the the gaming landscape of the DeHorizon Metaverse, the first of which, Deverse, is available for you to play now:

Our communities will have a lot to look forward to, so stay tuned! But to start, below are some highlights:

  • The integration of DeVerse NFTs and the creation of a DeVerse Verified Game Page on our Social Aggregator Marketplace due to launch on 12th May 2022.
  • Collaboration on NFT airdrop campaigns
  • Cross community AMAs
  • Upon launch of the Gamerse Social Platform DeHorizon games will enjoy an official and verified “looking for groups” gaming pages. Gamers will be able to join these group to trade, socialize and connect with other DeHorizon gamers. These official DeHorizon groups will also enjoy exposure to the larger gaming community to draw in more gamers!
  • Our pioneering share-to-earn model will create an engaging social dynamic allowing users to earn from sharing content while incentivising DeHorizon to share exclusive drops.

We’re looking forward to working closely with the amazing team at DeHorizon to create awesome opportunities for both of our communities 🚀

More about DeHorizon

DeHorizon aims to become the next generation of metaverse game ecosystems, enabling players to create, socialize, and enjoy blockchain-based games with their friends. The long-term vision of DeHorizon metaverse is to create a virtual carnival open to all metaverse inhabitants across multiple chains, that lets players enjoy a second life.






More about Gamerse

As the first ever NFT gaming and metaverse social media platform, Gamerse provides a single unifying hub for the fragmented NFT gaming industry. NFT gaming enthusiasts will enjoy an immersive social ecosystem they can call home to form communities, trade NFTs and explore the rapidly growing blockchain gaming space. Gamerse is gearing up for the release of the first feature of its platform, the Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM), a cross-chain, cross-platform social hub acting as a one-stop-shop for NFT gamers.

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The home of NFT Gaming and Metaverse social media

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The home of NFT Gaming and Metaverse social media

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