GAMERSE: Transparency, Trust, and NO Rug Pulls.

2 min readOct 6, 2023

Background on the Project

GAMERSE (Gaming/Metaverse) debuted during the 2021 bull market and the GameFi surge, attaining remarkable success as its native token, $LFG, achieved a fully diluted market cap of $340 million.

Recent Events

Recently, the GAMERSE cryptocurrency project faced a challenging decision, leading to dormancy and officially announcing the cessation of $LFG token trading. CEO Khaled Jama communicated this decision with sincerity and transparency, offering stakeholders a 24-hour notice to remove their liquidity and advising caution regarding trading the token on the open market.

We can now confirm the conclusion of our PancakeSwap (BSC) liquidity support, as mentioned in our correspondence on October 5th, 2023. You can view the transaction hash on this link

GAMERSE: Never a Rug Pull

To clarify, let’s define the widely-used crypto term:

“A rug pull is a scam where a cryptocurrency or NFT developer hypes a project to attract investor money, only to suddenly shut down or disappear, taking investor assets with them.” — Source: via Google search

GAMERSE has never engaged in a rug pull. We’ve consistently demonstrated transparency, integrity, and forthrightness, setting us apart in crypto. Here’s why we did not engage in a rug pull:

GAMERSE: We provided a 24-hour notice for stakeholders to remove their liquidity.

Rug Pull Culprits: No communication; they disappear.

GAMERSE: We maintained transparent, frequent public communications throughout the project.

Rug Pull Culprits: Typically exit before 12 months without effort to build a project.

GAMERSE: We invested aggressively over 24 months with a dedicated team.

Rug Pull Culprits: Do not invest in the project’s success.

GAMERSE: We grew our brand and community organically without a marketing budget.

Rug Pull Culprits: Focus on marketing to build hype.

GAMERSE: Our team is public with doxxed information.

Rug Pull Culprits: Anonymous teams.

GAMERSE: We’ve been transparent, honest, and forthcoming about the dormancy of the project.

Rug Pull Culprits: Zero communication.

GAMERSE: We continue to assist and support the community in winding down.

Rug Pull Culprits: Show zero effort.

Closing Statement

We understand the disappointment and emotions in such circumstances. We’ve maintained high standards of transparency, honesty, and courtesy throughout. However, unfounded accusations of a scam or rug pull are not acceptable.

While we are not financial advisors, we urge you to understand the risks of any investment. Hundreds of investors have withdrawn some liquidity following our 24-hour courtesy notice, and we respect your decision. We hope that the liquidity retrieved has softened the blow. Still, we will not tolerate baseless allegations of the project “Dumping”.

For inquiries or complaints, please contact us at We will release an FAQ for your questions and complaints.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support.




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