Gamerse NFT SAM — Version Update 1.2

2 min readJun 6, 2022


The Gamerse team is working hard to improve your NFT SAM experience, check out what’s new in our latest update below:

1) Reverted SAM private access
2) Added “Pending Claims” to user Profile Page
3) New UI / UX Update

a. Updated Homepage design
b. Timer back added on the Inner NFT Card
c. Added Cover Banner on Landing Page
d. Addition of NFT SAM explainer video redirection
e. Updated the Main Cover Auto Slide Images to 7 Seconds
f. Addition of customisable ticker for Game Partner profile cards and Featured NFTs
g. Added description on New Featured Card on hover (Limited the text size to 350 Characters)
h. Updated watchlist button in “Explore”
i. Reverted “Comment” icon
j. Inner NFT card — thumbnail updated so that once bid starts Highest bidder profile icon to be shown as the new thumbnail
k. Inner NFT card — Category icon redesign
l. Update Profile Cards View
m. Updated Marketplace Filter & Profile accordions to remain expanded by Default
n. Added Watchlist Button on Explore for Auction NFTs
o. Like icon updated

4) Improvement in flow for partner integration
5) Added the ability for Users to change email. Upon changing email users will now receive an email on the existing account in order to update the new email.
6) Partner Profile — Added Contract Addresses
7) Partner profile — Added ability to launch game, whitepaper and website directly from profile

We’re excited to unifying the fragmented NFT gaming space by building a new home for NFT Games and Gamers to connect. The Beta NFT SAM is a work in progress so stay tuned for regular development updates on all our socials and communities!

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