Gamerse joins forces with Spark Era!

4 min readAug 9, 2022


Our mission at Gamerse is to unify the fragmented blockchain gaming space by creating a community-driven social ecosystem and our partnership with Spark Era brings us one step closer!

SPARK ERA is a global metaverse game with an interstellar theme — the first self-developed MMORPG by Fireworks Games. Set against a post-apocalyptic interstellar backdrop where everyone and everything you meet is an enemy. There is only one response, only one reflex; kill and destroy to survive. Every other sign of life is a threat and must be extinguished! SPARK ERA gamers play as the star citizens of different races where they can pilot 1,000+ spacecraft models, travel through 20,000+ galaxies, and explore a limitless number of limitless number of procedurally generated planets. Gamers will be able to construct and upgrade starships and participate in interstellar commerce, along with NFT empowered mineral collection, NFT card battles, auctions, starport construction, real star exploration and strategic battles. In SPARK ERA, players decide how the universe around them will expand!

“We are focused on creating high-quality and entertaining games for gamers utilizing our cutting-edge technologies at Firework Games. As a collaborator to exhibit our created games for web3, we believe the “GAMERSE” platform is one of the finest directories due to their creative thinking on how to keep players engaged with the game.” — Firework Games CEO & Founder Radheesh

Preview of the real-time game development in Pioneer Beta Version

What our communities can look forward to…

  1. Integration of Spark Era into our Social Aggregator Marketplace
    Gamerse NFT SAM currently in its beta phase of development is a cross-chain, cross-platform social hub that curates, displays and facilitates all gaming NFTs and their transactions to provide a true-one-stop-shop for blockchain gamers. We’re excited to be welcoming Spark Era into our ecosystem as we continue to build and grow! All Spark Era listed NFTs will be displayed on their Verified Game Page for users to visit, purchase directly and participate in social engagements. Gamers will be able to directly launch the Spark Era game and learn more by clicking on their socials and community links displayed in the profile section of their gaming page. Our communities can also look forward to Spark Era Featured Drops and exclusive INOs on our platform.

2. Spark Era X Gamerse Exclusive giveaways!
Stay tuned for more details on an exciting Spark Era Giveaway for our Community!

3. Gamerse X Spark Era Cross-community AMAs

4. Feature Spark Era in our upcoming “Game Of The Week” series

We’re looking forward to working closely with the amazing team behind Spark Era to create awesome opportunities for both of our communities 🚀

About Spark Era

SPARK ERA is a 3D battle royale mobile game set in a post-apocalyptic future where the humanity group from Earth is fighting for survival against three other factions. The game takes place in a cosmic environment and features both PvP gameplay. Players may combine forces with other players and then go to battle their way through the harsh conditions of space. SPARK ERA is built on the Unity engine and makes use of blockchain technology to deliver a genuinely next generation gaming experience. The game will be available in August 2022 on Android/IOS, and shortly immersive VR/PC.

Learn more about Spark Era
Website | Twitter | Discord|Telegram | Medium

About Gamerse

Gamerse is unifying the fragmented NFT gaming community through its cross-chain, cross-domain and cross-verse solutions to create the first-ever NFT gaming social ecosystem. Gamers will be able to explore popular NFT games, receive exclusive drops and trade in-game NFT assets from skins to land and collectibles, all aggregated in a single social marketplace.

Gamerse unites gamers in a single, fun social platform, constantly adapting to the newest and most viral trends while benefiting creators and gamers alike through its pioneering share-to-earn model.

As the first LFG (Looking For Groups) platform dedicated to NFT gaming and metaverses, Gamerse will be around for gamers of all shades and hues, no matter which title holds the number 1 spot.

Learn more about Gamerse:

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