Gamerse: Bringing NFT Gamers Together

4 min readNov 16, 2021


The NFT gaming and play to earn gaming worlds are exploding, and for good reason. There is a ton of innovation and thousands of great concepts both in games and in collectibles hitting the blockchain. This saturation can be overwhelming and as cash grabs get sprinkled in among solid projects, it can be hard to know what will still be around in a year or more. Every NFT project seems to be adding a game to their roadmap recently, the majority of which will never take place. It’s hard to tell which projects will still be around, but what we CAN know is that for the ones that will survive, there will be a place for them to call home…

As NFT projects fight each other for market share and as games continue to develop, some will die off, and when the cream of the crop rises to the top, there will still be a lot of solid projects with fun games and awesome valuable artwork out there with plenty of utility. There will also be plenty of communities to go along with all these projects. Imagine if there was a way to bring all of these solid projects together and connect them in one ecosystem and provide a way for players to play, socialize, and even trade with one another, all in one place… What we are describing is not only possible, but it is inevitable! Gamerse is the first ever NFT Gaming Social Ecosystem which will allow users to do all of the above, and more!

The Gamerse Ecosystem

The immersive Gamerse Ecosystem consists of a plethora of features, making it not only the first of it’s kind, but an all inclusive, “one-stop-shop” if you will, for NFT Gaming. These features include social media, an aggregator marketplace, an auction house, a utility token with amazing benefits, and more. You can check out the full whitepaper here, but in this article let’s explore some of the most exciting features of the ecosystem in greater detail.

Social Media

The social media platform on Gamerse includes Groups, Live Feed, Direct Messaging, NFT Drop Watchlists, and more. It will be the go-to place for NFT collectors to hang out and socialize. Imagine a place like Discord, where you are a part of your various NFT communities, but then add the ability to view your NFT’s in the same place, as well as view the NFT’s of the other members of your groups! This utility will be amazing.

You will also be able to have followers and post things in a feed, as well as direct message, much like you see on Twitter. Gamerse’s goal on this social media platform is to increase the joy of users as they participate in NFT communities and trade among friends. There is much more to be said just about the social media aspect, but the last thing that we are proud of is that there will also be an NFT drop watchlist on the platform. This is an incredibly underrated feature that will be quite valuable. So many different websites have NFT drop calendars, and many of them don’t have the same projects as each other, let alone the trusted projects you want to see. Gamerse will be a trusted place to see what drops are coming so you are sure to not miss a thing!

Gamerse LFG

When people read the acronym LFG, they might be thinking, “Let’s ****ing Go!”, and while Gamerse users will surely be saying that when they experience this amazing ecosystem, in the Gamerse world this stands for “Looking for Group”. Gamerse is the first LFG dedicated to NFT gaming and the metaverse where you can form groups and play games while interacting with group members. It promises to have a user-friendly interface that users will find easy and fun to navigate. The groups you form or join on Gamerse are the heart and soul of the ecosystem. This is why Gamerse exists, to bring people together. It is so foundational to the project that our token ticker is named $LFG, which we will talk about in a bit.

Aggregator Marketplace

The Gamerse marketplace will be like any other NFT marketplace. Gamerse NFTs will have “Flip-card NFTs” that will display NFT name, date minted, a link to the etherscan for the NFT, and the creator of the token. Users won’t need to install Metamask or other wallets to use the Gamerse app and buy and sell NFTs. Not only will you be able to instantly see valuable information about NFTs for sale, but it will be navigation will be easy and lend itself to new users, especially those who don’t know anything about crypto wallets.

There are a variety of features in the marketplace and users can exchange NFTs found through multiple searches and filters including categories and brands, followers, hot listings, discovery searches and customized feeds. Like other platforms, you will be able to set fixed prices, accept bids, or auction off NFTs. NFT transactions can be made using Ethereum or fiat, but the best way to exchange them will be through the LFG token.

$LFG Token

The Gamerse Token, LFG, is the token connected to the ecosystem. It has a variety of uses, one of the most important being a currency exchanged in NFT sales and swaps. While users can use other forms of currency on the platform, transactions made using LFG will have transaction fees discounted by 50%, creating incentive for its use on the platform. The tokens can also be staked for rewards. The other great benefit of the token is that when you transact using LFG, you receive a lottery ticket to a weekly lottery. Gamerse will be giving away a pot of LFG tokens as well as a unique NFT every week through a raffle for those who used the token!

Last but not least the holders of the token will have voting rights in the DAO governance of the project.




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