Gamerse and iRocket are on a mission to the moon!

  1. Integration of iRocket AR into our Social Aggregator Marketplace
    Gamerse NFT SAM
    currently in its beta phase of development is a cross-chain, cross-platform social hub that curates, displays and facilitates all gaming NFTs and their transactions to provide a true-one-stop-shop for blockchain gamers. We’re excited to be welcoming iRocket AR into our ecosystem as we continue to build and grow! All iRocket AR listed NFTs will be displayed on their Verified Game Page for users to visit, purchase directly and participate in social engagements. Gamers will be able to directly launch iRocket AR games and learn more by clicking on their socials and community links displayed in the profile section of their gaming page. Our communities can also look forward to iRocket AR Featured Drops and exclusive INOs on our platform.
  2. Gamerse integration in iRocket AR Metaverse
  3. iRocket AR X Gamerse Exclusive WL giveaway!
    We’re delighted to be teaming up with iRocket AR to offer our community the opportunity to win WL spots for iRocket’s NEOGEN 3D AR collection, their inaugural NFT collection! Let’s take a look at some of the utilities and perks available to holders of iRocket AR Early Adopters NFTs:
  • Discounted And Free Merchandise — NFT holders, will be able to choose between a free branded T-shirt and cap, or Hoodie and cap, along with additional access to discounted merchandise.
  • Priority Access To IDO/IEO NFT holders will be whitelisted for the public token sale round and have the opportunity to purchase $IRO tokens before they’re listed on a public exchange.
  • Priority Access To Closed Beta Testing Once the product is ready for beta testing, NFT holders will be able to participate in testing the app and gameplay, provide feedback and suggest improvements.
  • Priority Access To Live Events — This includes chances to win free travel to the event location.
  • In-Game Bonus/Gift Holders of iRocket Early Adopters NFTs will have opportunities to receive rare in-game items or creatures.
  • Token Airdrop — NFT holders will qualify to receive token airdrops.

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