Gamerse 2021 Recap

The ecosystem is pleased to announce that all major targets were achieved during 2021. In many cases, the targets were exceeded.

It’s important to maintain momentum in a fast-paced blockchain industry where innovation is a necessity. Key market segments need to be captured without compromising on quality. The speed is expected to be maintained in 2022 as the ideals set out in the whitepaper are realized.

A lot of activity has occurred aside from the major milestones. However, in short, the milestones achieved by in 2021 are as follows:

  • Whitepaper went live

Whitepaper Goes Live

The blueprint for the Gamerse social gaming economy is documented in the official whitepaper. The whitepaper outlines what the platform intends to do, the tokenomics, governance structure, contact details, primary features, and more. While the core ideals are always going to be the same, some elements of the whitepaper will be updated with time. The best way to understand the project is to look through the whitepaper to see the broader picture.

Social Media Launch

Gamerse was listed on all the major media channels in 2021 including Medium, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Of course, the website also went live in 2021 and is continually updated as new features become available. Along with the launch on multiple platforms, Gamerse has been increasing its number of strategic partnerships, advisors, and the personnel on the team to improve the overall experience. You can stay abreast of these updates on the Gamerse official website.

Initial Dex Offering

The Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is a form of fundraising mechanism that offers improved ROI and stability in comparison to the ICO and IEO. The element of decentralization in this fundraising mechanism offers increased benefits in comparison to older models. The Gamerse Initial Dex Offering took place on 28th October 2021on 4 major platforms:

  • Gamezone

The $LFG (‘Looking For Gamers’) token price was set at $0.012 for the IDO offering. The token was offered on the Polygon chain. The Gamerse IDO was massively oversubscribed, an indication of how popular the platform could become amongst gamers and investors.

Decentralized Exchange Listing

There are further decentralized exchange (DEX) listings to take place in 2022 and beyond. But the $LFG token was listed on PancakeSwap in 2021, one of the most popular DEX platforms for modern blockchain projects.

These decentralized exchanges allow for easy purchasing without KYC verification, typically using a MetaMask wallet or similar. Listing tokens on decentralized exchanges also offers improved features in comparison to centralized exchange listings. It increases accessibility for those looking to trade in the token and comes with alternative investment mechanisms.

Market Listings

The $LFG token was listed on two prominent crypto tracking platforms — CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. These sites track token trade volume and offer other data including company information, the coin address, historical trade data, total market cap, etc. Coins are also given a ranking on these tracking platforms. This helps the token for a given project to increase its legitimacy, as potential customers can assess information on the token through the site.

At the time of this article, the $LFG token has a DEXT score of 99 and while currently trading at a price of $0.025, it reached all time highs of $0.348732 in November.

Strategic Partnerships

In 2021, Gamerse made over 30 key strategic partnerships to increase market exposure, network quality, and industry expertise. Some of the biggest names in blockchain have aligned themselves with the Gamerse vision. Such names include:

  • BCA Investments (Backer)


Gamerse enjoyed a successful launch of its LP staking for LFG-BUSD on 22nd December 2021 with APYs starting at 10,000%+. For 60 days, 5M LFG tokens will be distributed proportionally to the time the LP tokens are staked and to the ratio of holdings out of the total depositors calculated per block. Meaning the longer you stake, the higher the rewards! At the time of writing this article 5.3M total LFG were staked at an APY of 576.22%.

Single-sided staking is also due to go live on January 12th with details in regard to APY to be announced closer to the date. The community can however look forward to the following exciting features:

  • No minimum stake requirement

Looking forward to 2022

Building on the successes of 2021, more is soon to follow. In early Q1 of 2022, Gamerse will be launching the NFT aggregator marketplace. This is potentially one of the most eagerly anticipated offerings, providing a one-stop-shop for NFTs across various chains and marketplaces such as Rarible, OpenSea, NiftyGateway, VeVe, etc. It also provides enhanced buying and selling features for all kinds of NFTs. NFTs can be purchased in ETH, fiat, or $LFG. A 50% fee reduction is available for those who use the $LFG token.

The Gamerse platform will also be hosting an NFT avatar airdrop in conjunction with one of its partners, Enjin. Single-sided staking will provide variable APY with no minimum amount and no lock-up. Single-sided staking is expected to go live on January 12th. Gamerse also provides an LFG/BUSD Liquidity Pool. $LFG Stakers have three tier options — ‘Mars’, ‘Venus’, and ‘Moon’ — with distinct benefits for each.

Gamerse is looking to maintain the velocity for 2022 so it can provide the optimal environment for all blockchain-based games and NFT transactions. Key milestones for 2022 include:

  • $LFG Smart Contract Audit

In addition to the above, Gamerse will keep expanding its strategic partnerships and marketing campaign throughout 2022. The continued acquisition of key talent in the blockchain gaming space is critical so that milestones are achieved on time without any oversight in terms of quality.

All of these innovations and expansions are expected to culminate in the Gameverse Metaverse (GameVerse), which will be announced in 2022 with a potential opening in 2023.



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