End of Month Recap!

Gamerse has started 2022 at blistering pace and we have a jam-packed recap for the month of January including the launch of our $LFG staking program, recruitment of key team members, Gamerse whitepaper 2.0, AMAs, and a number of exciting partnerships to announce.

Let’s get started!

$LFG Single Asset Staking Launch

Our eagerly anticipated single asset staking program launched on 12th January and has been a resounding success with a total value locked of 30.44 million $LFG tokens at the time of this article. We have continued to stick to our core philosophy here at Gamerse: innovation.

Below are some core features of the enhanced single asset staking program:

  • An 8 million $LFG reward pool.
  • No minimum stake requirement.
  • A variable APY.
  • A max stake of 500,000 $LFG (anti-whale).
  • No lock-up for staking.
  • A BURNDAY every Wednesday applicable to $LFG withdrawn before 30 days.
  • An NFT airdrop of Gamerse avatars for participants who stake 10k $LFG or more within the first 10 days.

For the NFT airdrop, these avatars will serve as your profile in the Gamerse ecosystem and will feature a built-in burn function. Upon every sale of these NFTs, 5% of its value in $LFG will be burned thereby adding deflationary pressure and increasing the value of the NFT over time. We like to call these “Fire NFTs”.

For the BURNDAY, $LFG withdrawn before 30 days of staking results in a 50% burn of accumulated rewards. These tokens are sent to a custody wallet & burnt every Wednesday, hence why our community celebrates BURNDAY every Wednesday. The total rewards burned to date is 100,526 $LFG.

For more details on our $LFG staking program visit the Gamerse guide to single asset staking. The security audit of our staking program was completed by Solid Group, which you can assess here.

Development Updates

On 26th January, development updates to the staking portal went live. These updates were requested by the Gamerse community and included:

  • A support page was added to the portal which includes a step-by-step tutorial video, FAQs, and a support form.
  • Addition of userback support.
  • Updates to blockchain logic to improve user experience.
  • Switch network added if the user is not on the mainnet BSC.
  • Updated UX designs on stats page.
  • Email integration on the backend for feedback form.
  • Utilization of mailtrap.
  • Integration of Trust Wallet option for mobile users.

Finally, prior to the launch of this staking programme we announced that the first 50 wallets to stake their $LFG will receive an NFT airdrop of Gamerse avatars. As a small thank you to our community, this list has now been extended to the first 100 wallets to stake.

This current 90 day pool is still live at https://Staking.Gamerse.com. Head over and make your $LFG work for you!

Gamerse Whitepaper 2.0

A very exciting development for the month of January has been the release of our updated and revamped whitepaper. We’ve had great feedback from our community and from key experts in the field.

We strongly suggest you have a read through it to gain a comprehensive overview of key features of the Gamerse platform including our pioneering Share-to-Earn model, social aggregator marketplace due to go live at the end of Q1 2022, multichain support, social DAO, and the road to the Gameverse (our unique Metaverse)

Please view our Gamerse Whitepaper 2.0 and let us know what you think about the update.

Key additions to the Gamerse Team!

Gamerse’s mission to build and grow the new home for NFT gaming and the metaverse social economy is an ambitious one, and as such, a primary focus of ours has been assembling a team composed of top talent to deliver on this. January has been a huge month for Gamerse with the recruitment of two new core team members; Umberto Garozzo, CTO and Chelsie Perez, CMO.

Umberto brings a wealth of experience and pedigree to the Gamerse team with a unique combination of expertise across financial tech and within the crypto space. Umberto spent the last two years as a senior engineer for FTX US Derivatives where he was primarily responsible for building the low latency trading platform UI. He also has an ongoing collaboration with the MetaMask team as a senior Javascript engineer and a technical advisor for the TotemFI project. Additionally, Umberto was a core team member responsible for the development of Alphapoint, a platform that enables users to launch and operate crypto markets as well as digitize assets, create tokens and deploy them to the Ethereum network. Umberto’s financial tech background boasts integral engineering roles for multinational conglomerates Barclays and Thomson Reuters.

Chelsie brings more than a decade of experience managing world-class brands, and has a proven track record of building teams that integrate revitalized brand experiences. Chelsie was most recently senior marketing executive in FINTECH, growing a seed-stage start-up to one of the most talked about brands in the financial industry while managing a global team of 150+ people. From 2009–2021 Chelsie was based in Dallas, where she drove growth and led business for CBS, NBC, & Dallas Morning News. Chelsie’s diverse client list included T-Mobile, State Farm, Southwest Airlines, Nations Lending, Samsung, Chase Bank, and more. As CMO Chelsie will also spearhead the acquisition of partnerships with major players in the space while strengthening relationships with current partners.




Our CEO, Khaled Jama and Anthony Vo (Crypto Talk show) linked up for a deep dive into the nitty-gritty details of the Gamerse project, the current $LFG single asset staking program, and future plans for the project. Check out this informative YouTube AMA with Khaled Jama for more details.

Gamerse has also been engaged in a series of cross-community AMAs with a number of our partners:

  • Kitsumon (14th January 2022).
  • Govworld (20th and 27th January 2022).
  • Doragon Land (24th January 2022).

This cross-community series of AMAs will continue in February so stay tuned for more announcements.

Partnership Announcements

January was a busy month for Gamerse in terms of acquired partnerships. These partnerships included:

  • eMoney: e-Money is a blockchain-based payment platform that aims to bridge the legacy banking system with a single efficient blockchain layer.
  • GovWorld: GovWorld, the most customizable P2P lending platform on the blockchain. Collateralize any NFT or ALT while maintaining rewards.
  • OneRare: OneRare is the world’s first Metaverse for the global Food & Beverage Industry. Building the first tokenization layer that celebrates food in Web 3.0.
  • Koakuma: Koakuma is a multiplayer online ARPG game with immersive combat systems and mechanics all in a graphics-intensive metaverse.
  • MetaWars: MetaWars is a multiplayer strategy/roleplaying game with a vast universe powered by a growing digital economy built on blockchain technology.
  • Nest Arcade: The first NFT P2E gaming arcade on Solana.
  • Binamon: A complete metaverse of digital monsters on BSC.
  • Duckie Land: Duckie Land is a metaverse multiplatform, multiplayer blockchain game, where each Duckie is an NFT.

Community Contests

January saw Gamerse engage in our first “Ideas Contest” with our telegram community. Participants submitted their ideas followed by #GamerseCommunityIdeas in the telegram @GamerseCommunity chat. These ideas were curated and the top were picked and subjected to a community-wide poll.

Congratulations to the first place winner @Ankur0991, who suggested a buyback and burn campaign. @Ankur0991 will be airdropped an exclusive Gamerse avatar NFT! In second place was an idea by @nikkivn that suggested Gamerse to organize gaming tournaments with partners where LFG holders play against each other for attractive prizes. Congratulations to @nikkivn who will be airdropped $200 worth of $LFG.

We also introduced our community to our second Mascot and engaged them in a mascot naming contest. Congratulations to @Ijasulhaq2 who will be airdropped $100 worth of $LFG tokens.

Adira and Astro — has a nice ring to it!

Social Aggregator Marketplace

Development of our Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM) is in full effect and we are on schedule to go live in late Q1 2022. Users will be able to shop cross-platform and cross-chain for NFTs from all their favorite platforms and the social aspect this aggregated marketplace offers will bring it to life.

SAM will include a number of promising features:

  1. NFT creation.
  2. Profile creation.
  3. Featured drops.
  4. Gamerse wallet which will facilitate a seamless sign up process. Users will be able to sign in one click with Web 2.0 social media apps such as Google, Facebook (Meta), Twitch, Discord, and more. Gamerse wallet will also integrate fiat on-ramp for users to purchase NFTs with fiat currency.
  5. Calendar Drops where you can set alerts so you never miss a drop!
  6. Interactive NFTs.
  7. Featured drops or collaborations with our official partners such as Games, Metaverse projects, Influencers, and NFT creators.
  8. Social NFTs with like, comment, share, and watchlist.
  9. Discover NFTs feature.
  10. Chat feature.

Our new CMO debuted a few prototype designs earlier this month, check them out below in case you missed them:

Landing Page

  • View featured and exclusive drops in collaboration with our official partners such as Games, Metaverse projects, Influencers, and NFT creators.
  • Will feature interactive “Flip-card NFTs” which displays the NFT name, the owner, the creator, date minted (on the blockchain) with a clickable link to the blockchain explorer.
  • Verified creators will be indicated by a blue certification checkmark on every NFT they mint this will allow them to demand higher prices. Verified Collectors will receive a purple check mark which allows them to resale NFTs for a higher price.
  • NFT promotion through paid ads.
  • A direct messaging tab feature.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Utilizes a filter whereby users can easily navigate between Marketplaces, Games (creators), Gamers (Collectors), Categories, and Chains. This helps the user to easily find the NFTs they are interested in as the market is saturated with different genre NFTs from a magnitude of sources.
  • NFT prices will be displayed in USD for convenience for the non-crypto savvy user.
  • A novel and interactive social aspect where users can comment, like and share the NFTs featured on the marketplace.

Profile Page

  • Create your own profile page.
  • Display NFT collection: What’s the point of owning the most valuable NFTs if you can’t show it off to the world?
  • Users will be able to display the NFTs they’ve created in a separate tab and display the NFTs they have for sale.
  • Avatar collection: Display avatar collection for profile pictures and use in other Metaverses.
  • Other users will be able to like and comment on your collection.
  • Direct messaging to interact with friends and socially trade on the platform.
  • Vault: NFT assets to be stored in encrypted storage and will be accessible via passcode and 2FA.
  • Users will also be able to increase their social reach by adding their social links to their profile.

January was quite a busy and prosperous month for Gamerse and we intend to keep the momentum up during February and the months that follow.

Stay tuned for further details on our live voice session on Discord where Khaled Jama, CEO and Cheslie Perez, CMO deep dive into this exciting marketplace!




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