TEAM BLOG: A word from Gamerse’s founder and CEO

Dear Gamers,

“The bear market is the time for building” is a saying advocated by CZ and other leaders in the space and is echoed throughout the Web 3 world in the face of the current “crypto winter”. Nobody knows how long the bear market will last, however one thing that’s apparent is that this “builder’s mentality” will give rise to more games with well structured gameplay and economic models while addressing performance, security, and sustainability problems. The next bull run will indeed usher in the era of GameFi 2.0 and beyond that on the horizon is the mass adoption of blockchain gaming. As the industry continues to advance, the platform that Gamerse offers will only increase in relevance and significance to both gamers and games. This has been at the core of our long term strategic planning and decisions.

Our team has high ambitions for Gamerse and we view the current market conditions as an opportunity to implement the necessary strategies to meet these ambitions in time for the next cycle. With an early beta of our first product, the Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM) now live, we have started to implement a transition phase towards a highly renowned tech partner in order to build on the current fundamentals. The community can expect continued updates to the marketplace and implementation of further functionalities. In parallel to this, our team is very focused on building our platform’s ecosystem with new partnerships and games being integrated on a daily basis. Please continue to support these integrations by following their Verified Game Pages on SAM! Focus on integrating some of the most exciting games will ensure a seamless transition and a vibrant ecosystem upon launch of our full product. We will also continue to collaborate with the biggest and best games to provide you, our community, with opportunities in the form of giveaways and various cross marketing campaigns.

Early adopters are crucial for any start-up and are especially vital in community-driven ecosystems like Gamerse. A foundation upon which a global user base can then be built, early adopters dedicate their time, money and trust to a new company simply because they believe in the vision and abilities of a team and founders. We believe that this trust and loyalty should be rewarded. As such, we will continue to work tirelessly to develop and implement strategies to ensure the long term growth of Gamerse and while positioning ourselves for success when the next bull market arrives.

Best Wishes and Let’s Flippin Game!

Khaled Jama, Gamerse Founder/CEO



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